Do you want to become an IPTV reseller and give your IPTV business a sharp competitive edge? If yes, then cheer up because you have come to the right place! VooIPTV is a well-known IPTV provider that is dedicated to offering the best IPTV channels and reseller programs. We deliver quality, value, and experience to end-users, covering the world at large. IPTV is the latest and an advanced form of amusement that is becoming popular day by day. These days, there are a lot of companies in the market that are offering the IPTV reselling facilities. Due to this increasing number, people think that it is a popular market. If you are one of them and considering becoming an IPTV reseller but do not how it works, relax! We will help you on your journey!

  • Channels Availability
    14000+ HD & FHD IPTV channels are available (VOD are not included on) not like other providers out there claiming thousands of channels and only a small bench of channels are working with a bad quality streaming
  • Streaming Quality
    We continuously invest in our IPTV servers to deliver unbeatable IPTV service. channels are available in SD/HD/FHD quality, Your customers will have the best TV streaming experience without any buffering.
  • Video On Demand
    We have a huge video on demand library 54K VOD full of latest movies and series (weekly updated).
  • Excellent VIP Support
    VIP support to fix all your customers issues available from 10AM to 10PM ET and 7/7.

What is an IPTV Reseller Program, and how can it benefit you?

Are you planning to setup your business? If you are saying yes, then becoming an IPTV reseller is a great option. The reason is it is such kind of business that you can commence with a little investment. In this business, the reseller do not take care of the technological details. He simply emphasize customer service as well as marketing.

People who are part of the IPTV reseller program has to face the challenge of finding an IPTV provider that provides a good reselling offer with the right profit margin. If you are also facing this challenge, then do not worry as we are offering a good reselling offerat the economicalrates on the market.

After setting up your account and accepting specific terms and conditions, it is time to decide how much you will charge from your customers. It depends on your business needs. Now, you are good to go because you have complete control over your business. However, our support engineers will be available throughout the day and seven days a week to assist you with any issues you might have.

The IPTV reseller program is a subscription-based business. Customer satisfaction contributes a lot to this business. Why? When your customers are happy and satisfied with what you are offering, they will not only renew your service for upcoming months or years but will also advertise your business to their friends and family. It will help you to get more revenueby lowering the cost of advertisement as your existing customers are advertising your business through word-of-mouth. Moreover, customer satisfaction also ensures zero disputes. In this way, you will get a chance to focus more on your business, helping you to grow and scale the reseller business.

IPTV Reseller Plans

Our reseller-specific pricing model is designed to help you improve margins.


$520 USD

  • IPTV Reseller Panel CMS
  • 10 Codes = 10 Accounts of 12 Months
  • That's just $52/CODE
  • NO free trials!
  • Regular Updates
  • 14000+ Premium Channels
  • 54000+ Movies & TV-Shows (VOD)
  • FullHD/HD & SD Channels
  • Streaming On All Devices!
  • 99.9% Uptime Servers
  • Excellent Customer Support

$1020 USD

  • IPTV Reseller Panel CMS
  • 20 Codes = 20 Accounts of 12 Months
  • That's just $51/CODE
  • NO free trials!
  • Regular Updates
  • 14000+ Premium Channels
  • FullHD/HD & SD Channels
  • Streaming On All Devices!
  • 99.9% Uptime Servers
  • Excellent Customer Support

$1500 USD

  • IPTV Reseller Panel CMS
  • 30 Codes = 30 Accounts of 12 Months
  • That's just $50/CODE
  • NO free trials!
  • Subreseller creation
  • Regular Updates
  • 14000+ Premium Channels
  • 54000+ Movies & TV-Shows (VOD)
  • FullHD/HD & SD Channels
  • Streaming On All Devices!
  • 99.9% Uptime Servers
  • Excellent Customer Support

What do we offer for resellers ?

Unlike other IPTV providers who offer a wide variety of channels in which few are working, we provide 14000+ FHD/HD/SD IPTV channels. All our channels work on a good quality streaming. What makes our IPTV reselling offer unique is EPG & CATCHUP for 48 hours. The following are some of our top features that we can provide you so you can start your own IPTV business.

  • Excellent quality service
  • Affordable reseller plans to improve your margins
  • The initial deposit for the reseller program is low
  • Good chances for increasing your profit margin as you can set the prices of the services according to the needs of your business
  • Quick support is available to assist you
  • 100 percent guaranteed results
  • Dashboard management for managing your accounts

So, what are you waiting for now? Subscribe to our IPTV reseller program and enjoy a highly secure and reliable IPTV service!

Frequently Asked Questions

CODE is just a jargon to let you know how much a 12 month subscription would cost you as a reseller. There are a lot of resellers who want only month to month basis and here we will explain how it works :

When you buy a 10 codes package you will get 120 credits (1 code = 12 credits). Now what you will see in your panel is 120 credits that you could spend to create 1, 3, 6, 12 month subscriptions and here is the cost of each term :

1 Month = 1 Credit
3 Month = 3 Credit
6 Month = 6 Credit
12 Month = 12 Credit

So you can manage the 120 credits you buy on any of the four terms above as these credits will never expire.

No you can’t! We avoid any free stuff in our panels to get rid of abusers.
What our resellers do is to create some accounts with 1 month subscription and then use them as accounts for trials.

Yes we are 100% whitelabel which means you customers will never know about us, EVER.

You will be provided with all the whitelabel portals : Server URLS, Mag portals.

No we don’t!
Each account is dedicated so each account you create will only have 1 connection. If your customers would like to get a second connection, he/she will have to buy another subscription.
You can offer your customers discount for each additional subscription (connection) like we do.

No it’s not, however, our service is COUNTRY LOCK which means the line will be locked to the first country your customers connected from. If he first connected from USA and then he change the country (VPN users) then the line will not work for him/her until you unlock his/her line from the Panel.

It’s very important to mention this point to your customer.

Yes we do have whitelabel ready apps for all our resellers.

You can get them in your panel in the Download section

We can activate this option that allows you creating resellers in your panel and be a super reseller only if you buy the 30 codes package.